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Restaurant slip and fall accidents can often be prevented

When you head out to a restaurant for dinner, you're generally looking for a good time—but a sudden slip and fall can quickly turn a good time into a disaster. Restaurants are, unfortunately, fairly dangerous places where it can be easy to lose your footing.

Shopper-on-shopper violence: Can you hold the store liable?

From the day after Thanksgiving until sometime in February when all the post-holiday returns have been made, the shopping centers and malls throughout the U.S. are generally busier than they are at any other time of the year. Unfortunately, the increased number of customers can lead to increased tensions between those customers—and that can erupt in violence.

Fall protection a must to protect construction workers

After a crane malfunctioned at a Queen's construction site and dropped an I-beam without warning, killing the man inside the cab of the crane and sending another man falling to his death, all their coworkers could do was hold a candlelight vigil to show their solidarity with the dead men's families.

“You were such an incredible help to me and I’ll never forget the work you did. I can’t thank you enough and I’m beyond happy I found you.”

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