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Why won't people stop texting while driving?

Texting while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle is such a remarkably bad idea that it's now illegal in every state (although some states penalize it a lot harder than others). It's clearly risky, and there are constant messages put out through various forms of media encouraging drivers to put down their cellphones and keep their eyes on the roads.

In fact, texting while driving is recognized by about 70 percent of people as a "serious" threat to their personal safety -- which means that well over the majority of people out there in Florida and elsewhere agree that texting while driving is dangerous.

Can you sue a landlord over a fallen air conditioner?

You know it's summer in New York when air conditioners sprout from every apartment window in the city -- at least in the buildings that were designed prior to central air.

Unfortunately, this has a lot of New Yorkers scurrying from spot to spot, nervously looking up to see if the window air conditioning units hanging over their heads are actually supported by anything other than the window frame. (Odd are very good that they aren't.)

Why do people need lawyers for workers' compensation claims?

Workers' compensation is supposed to be pretty much "lawyer-free." At least, that's the way they're supposed to work. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen that way -- leaving surprised workers scrambling for legal help when the process of getting the benefits they're due turns out to be far more convoluted than expected.

Why the problems? Why do so many injured workers end up seeking legal assistance? Are they just milking the system? Not at all! There are some really good reasons that injured employees turn to attorneys for help (and none of them paint a pretty picture of the workers' comp industry as a whole):

How can you stay focused when you're on a road trip?

Summer is the season for road trips. But for many drivers, it's also the time of annual nightmares. Long road trips can be stressful to the extreme, and many drivers have a hard time staying focused on the road ahead for hours at a time.

What's the best way to beat distractions of a road trip? Use these tips:

External threats to the construction worker

Anyone who works a construction site knows they're standing on dangerous ground. There are all kinds of tools, machines and heavy materials moving around -- any of which could damage a human body very badly upon impact.

However, construction workers often face external threats that are unrelated to the dangers on the job site itself.

How can you avoid liability for backyard barbecue accidents?

For much of the nation, summer is the time for backyard barbecues, fire pits and s'mores.

It's also a time of increased danger and liability for homeowners -- although many may not be aware of the risks they're taking by hosting the family picnic, neighborhood barbecue or even an intimate gathering over a glowing fire pit in the backyard.

It's time to get a lawyer for your workers' compensation claim

How do you know if you need a lawyer to help with your workers' compensation claim?

There are plenty of claims that go through the system just the way that they should. After all, the whole point of the system was to keep the claims from clogging up the courts, bogging down employers and holding up injured workers.

Falling scaffolding injures 3 in Brooklyn

It isn't just construction workers who are at risk of injuries from faulty or decaying scaffolding.

In a recent incident, three people suffered injuries when a scaffolding in Brooklyn collapsed while in use. Two of the injured were just unlucky pedestrians caught on the ground near the 20-foot piece of scaffolding when it went plummeting to the ground.

How do you help a co-worker with a possible spinal injury?

What do you do when you're working a construction job and one of your co-workers takes a fall off a ladder, scaffold or roof? Do you rush forward and try to administer first aid? Would that potentially make things worse?

Here's what you should do:

“You were such an incredible help to me and I’ll never forget the work you did. I can’t thank you enough and I’m beyond happy I found you.”

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