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Airline passengers have the right to expect sexual safety

In the not so distant past, the "sexy stewardess" wasn't just a Halloween costume -- it was an common airline marketing ploy.

Unfortunately, that led to the idea that "anything goes" on airlines for a long time -- and some people still have their minds stuck in the past. This endangers both airline employees and passengers -- putting them at risk of sexual assault and physical violence each flight.

Construction workers: Take extra precautions in winter

The snowy, blustery winter is just about the only thing that can make a construction worker long for the full heat of summer again.

Working construction in winter is no easy task. If that's your job, pay attention to the following tips:

Faked medical records briefly fool workers' compensation board

The workers' compensation systems is there for those that really need it. Those who abuse it make it much harder on those who are really injured because they make everybody's claim look a little more suspicious.

Usually, however, the worker faking a claim has to at least try hard enough to fool a doctor. In a case out of Albany, New York, a corrections officer working for the state didn't even bother doing that. Instead, he simply made up his own medical reports saying that he was too disabled to work. He then turned those in with his claim.

Premise liability: When your landlord is at fault for your injury

Landlords have a certain responsibility toward their residents to make certain that the premises of the apartment, townhouse or rental home are reasonably safe and free of obvious hazards.

A lot of landlords fail miserably in this area -- and tenants are the ones who end up suffering with massive medical bills.

Apple, iPhones and distracted driving: Why Apple isn't on a hook

Product liability laws often can be used to attach blame for a terrible accident to a bigger company or corporation instead of just to the end user that caused the accident.

Financially, that makes sense -- it puts the burden of paying for the accident on the party with the deepest pockets. Legally, it makes sense because companies are expected to put out products that are safe to use.

Who pays the bill for a subcontractor's injury?

If you hire someone to replace your windows or your roof, what happens if one of the workers takes a tumble or falls from a ladder?

Once the immediate emergency has been handled, the panic over who is going to cover the hospital bills is likely to settle in -- and there may be no quick or easy answer.

On workers' compensation? Be guarded on social media

Workers' comp insurance fraud costs insurers more than $7 billion each year -- so they have good economic reasons for being suspicious of some claims. Unfortunately, it's easy for legitimately injured workers to get caught up in an investigation where you're presumed to be faking until proven injured.

These days, social media is one of a workers' comp investigator's best tools -- and the nemesis of anyone receiving benefits. Before you put up that next post, make sure that it doesn't fall into either of these categories:

More construction equals more danger for New Yorkers

The city of New York is having a construction boom -- but there's also a booming list of accidents and injuries to go along with it.

The whole city seems plagued with construction-related accidents over the last year:

  • A crane lost control of a multi-ton heating/cooling unit and dropped it 30 stories onto the street below, injuring 10.
  • A worker died after falling off a ladder and tumbling to the ground below from less than a story up.
  • A construction fence blew loose in the city's notorious winds -- hitting and killing a pedestrian.
  • One construction worker died in a fall off a scaffold inside a Times Square building.
  • Yet another died after falling through an actual hole in the floor of the scaffold he was on.
  • Nine employees were injured when the interior demolition of a building went wrong.

Parking lots and car accidents: A quick guide

Believe it or not, the holiday season is already starting for a lot of shoppers -- it will kick off in earnest probably early in October.

For a lot of people, that means a lot of trips to stores -- which also means contending with parking lots that are overcrowded and complicated to navigate.

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